Data Collection Redefined

Getting your organization up and running with new software doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. Not only do we host your data, we walk you through the transition to FieldNote with in-person training for you and your team.

4 Step Workflow

Evaluate Current Workflow

With FieldNote, you don’t have to change your systems – we work with you to configure FieldNote to fit your needs. We will review your workflow, timesheet and data collection processes prior to implementing the software to determine the best ways to modify FieldNote to accomplish your goals.

Create NoteBooks

On the FieldNote website, you are able to create your own unique paperless NoteBooks to fit your company’s needs. We can also give you advice on how to group your users together, what virtual notebooks you may want to create for your data, and provide you with the appropriate icons to represent your workload on the GIS map.

Collect Data

FieldNote was developed to be the easiest GIS mapping system used in the field. Each data collection form can be configured to include whichever categories you need to track. FieldNote also gives users the ability to take and save photos, add general comments and more.

Build Reports

Generating reports and dashboards is a simple process on the FieldNote website. We provide you with the insight to create and update reports on your own with realtime analytics. You have the power.

You can easily add filters to make the results as granular as you’d like and, after a report has been run, the results can be automatically exported into a Microsoft Excel file for easy saving and exchanging.

About Us

We believe that truly great software should make your job easier and more efficient. So we created software that helps you do your job – not get in the way of it.

We have a passionate team who is committed to learning about your unique needs and helping you achieve your goals.