About Us

Terra Spectrum Technologies is a leader in providing innovative, high quality software specializing in geospatial data collection and workflow management. We are committed to providing customers with products that are simple, streamlined and scalable.

Our Approach

We believe that truly great software should make your job easier and more efficient. So we create software that helps you do your job – not get in the way of it. We built a mobile workforce solution that takes complex issues and streamlines them to help your operation run smoother. And we hang our hats on building high quality software that’s not only innovative and end-user focused but simple yet robust enough to get the job done. And while our roots stem from the vegetation management industry, we go beyond just trees. Our software is built to be specific enough to work in the tree business but versatile enough to adapt to any industry.

A common phrase you’ll hear our team say is “what if?” We’re anything but the status quo and constantly pushing limits to see how we can make something better and be more strategic with what we’re designing. While we know that the possibilities are endless, we also know that implementing a software system across your organization can be a daunting task. That’s why we spend time on the front end examining your needs and creating software that supports your business goals and helps improve your work processes.


We have experience with electric power companies, gas power companies, utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives, public works, and more.

Mission + Values

Our mission is to provide simple, streamlined and scalable software that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We strive to have a comprehensive knowledge of the clients and industries that we serve, and have a positive influence everywhere we can. We’re committed to delivering attractive value appreciation to our employees while giving them the training and opportunities needed to enhance their professional development and technical knowledge.

Security: we protect our customers’ data as if it were our own.

Innovation: we deliver unique and creative solutions.

Knowledge: we understand and adopt the latest technology trends.

Quality: we strive to achieve the highest measureable excellence in our software and services.

Integrity: we abide by the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork: it’s how we operate.

Family: it’s our foundation; it’s who we are.

Business Partners

At face value, we’re small. But our partnerships are anything but. Terra Spectrum is a member of the Wright Service Corp. family of companies, meaning we have a robust corporate office that provides additional resources to us – and you.


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