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Announcements // November 15, 2019

By Nathan Jones, Technology Consultant As you may know, we passed a major milestone last year with the release of the FieldNote® app, which completely revolutionized the way our clients are able to collect data in the field. Once the app was completed, it was time to dedicate our resources toward improving the other half Read more


Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Uncategorized // November 01, 2019

By Nathan Jones, Technology Consultant When I was a young man attending college, I would often find myself driving my old ‘89 Honda Accord down I-25 late at night going to and from Fort Collins, Colorado. One particular evening a youthful lack of discretion came over me, and I decided to briefly drive a stretch Read more


Developer Download

Uncategorized // October 29, 2019

By Ting Zhang, Product Manager How long have you worked at TST? I’ve worked for TST since the company was created, almost 10 years ago. How has the software changed from when you first began working for TST? When we started TST, I remember designing our first planning software because everyone in the UVM industry Read more


Developer Download

Uncategorized // May 01, 2019

By Travis Yordi, Director of Application Architecture Listening to our clients is vital to our success; their needs, ideas and feedback are at the center of our operations. We value the opinions of those field and office users so much that we incorporate them into our development pipeline, helping us prioritize which features to roll Read more


Breaking the Industry Mold

Uncategorized // April 12, 2019

By Nathan Jones, Technology Consultant FieldNote® was built by Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST) to be one of the most versatile and usable pieces of software in the utility vegetation management (UVM) marketplace. With a heavy emphasis on simplified field data collection, we wanted the software to be able to handle a wide array of data Read more


Partners in Safety

Uncategorized // March 06, 2019

By Nathan Jones, Technology Consultant The great jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong once said, “Never play anything the same way twice.” In a career spanning five decades, he played some of his songs literally thousands of times, but never exactly the same way twice. Developing vegetation management software can sometimes feel that way; the software can Read more