Building a Workflow

We understand that an organization’s workflow is usually a time-tested, successful way to operate. That’s why we developed FieldNote to be easily incorporated into existing systems. We believe you shouldn’t have to change the effective parts of your program to use our software.

During our initial consultation, we learn the ins and outs of your workflow and data gathering process so we can re-create them in a more streamlined and simple format on FieldNote.


Our configurable forms give you the ability to track whatever attributes you would like your teams to collect. When building each forms, you can select the following attributes:

  • Number fields
  • Text options
  • Comment boxes
  • Photos
  • Drop down menus


FieldNote has a highly flexible system for linking NoteBooks and forms together, which means you can build your data sets in whichever way works best for you without having to manipulate the data after the fact – the connections are already made.


Workgroups allow you to group software users together based on similar responsibilities and characteristics. For example, in the utility vegetation management industry, field crews, planning crews, supervisors, and utility personnel can be placed in separate workgroups.

Our unique data permission system allows administrators to restrict data access by workgroup and individual users. The workgroup feature makes it easier to control access to data when multiple departments are working on one system.  

Assigning Work

Assigning work to multiple crews is a straightforward process with FieldNote. Supervisors can create new work orders that include a variety of attributes. Work orders can then be assigned to a crew or left in the queue to be assigned later.

Each work order has a job status associated with it, which is visually represented on the GIS map. That allows you to check on the status of multiple jobs at a glance without the hassle of clicking into each individual work order.

With FieldNote’s unique permissions system, work can be assigned, reassigned, edited and/or deleted only by personnel given permission beforehand. This flexibility allows you to control changes throughout the work cycle with the confidence that unauthorized parties are not making unwanted changes.

Mobile Timesheets

With FieldNote, timesheets can build themselves!

Each day, employees can track the hours worked and equipment hours. Our software then automatically compiles the figures from each job and rolls them into a weekly timesheet. Employee and equipment hourly rates can be adjusted at any time by specified personnel on the FieldNote website.