FieldNote Website

We realize that everyone has a different level of expertise when dealing with computers – that’s why we made the FieldNote website simple enough for anyone to use.

On the FieldNote website, you can create NoteBooks and forms, tailor dropdown menus, set default settings and more. Authorized personnel can also maintain and edit overarching data sets.

The website is the nerve center of your operation. Through the dashboard feature, you have the ability to access reports generated with real-time data from the field. The data collected across crews, departments, and entire organizations can be housed, accessed and interpreted in one easy location.

In the office, authorized personnel can:

  • Issue or revoke user access keys to the FieldNote app
  • Input crew and equipment billing rates
  • Maintain contractor rosters
  • Create and modify workgroups
  • Set specific data viewing/editing privileges for each role