GIS Mapping

We integrated ESRI’s GIS mapping software into FieldNote because of its fast runtime and efficient mapping capability. That means you have the ability to load ESRI compatible data without needing to host an ESRI server, or know anything about GIS systems at all.

Our developers created a system in which you can:

  • Easily define the attributes your team will collect
  • Quickly and efficiently sync your data
  • Conveniently store your data in a standard database format


When we designed FieldNote, we kept the user experience in mind. We created various icons in a variety of colors to best represent your work assignments on the map. You can drag and drop icons to the map from the menu. Users can easily distinguish between different project types and job statuses on the map by changing the icon and color. For example, if there’s a hazard on a property, you can alert your crews by changing the icon color to red.

If we don’t have an icon or color available that fits your organization, we can create it!


Perspectives are another unique feature of FieldNote. Each user has the ability to choose what they want to see and filter out the rest. For example, you can turn on and off perspectives to see all work or just the work assigned to you. You can save your perspectives to instantly change your view of the data without having to create a new filter.