Deployment fee varies by project scope. Contact us for details.


Getting your organization up and running with new software doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. We have helped some of our clients transform from an all-paper workflow to entirely paperless one, and other clients from legacy software systems to FieldNote. Each organization is unique and we are here to help make the process painless.

We make an effort to schedule our initial consultations in-person (at no additional cost), so we can get to know you and learn the ins and outs of your organization and the important aspects of your system.

We still hold regular conference calls with some of our long-term clients and their contractors to provide guidance and answer questions as their processes change.


Implementation & Onsite Training

We wanted to make this process as easy and as tailored to your needs as possible – without surprise costs. For a one time, up-front fee, you will receive:

  • Our assistance setting up FieldNote
  • In-person meetings prior to deployment
  • Classroom and field training for all users for each software launch
  • A follow up, in-person meeting to discuss any changes, answer questions, or conduct refresher training if needed


Say goodbye to call centers and automated systems! We’re here for you and when you call, we answer. We want your system to be a success, which is why the people who wrote the software answer your calls. We will work with you to tailor the FieldNote app to fit your needs.



We host all of your data on our wholly-owned servers in an extremely secure co-location facility. Let us take care of the expensive hardware and maintain the servers, so you can grab your iPad and get to work.