Automated Workflows

Let technology do the work for you.

We help you deliver more data faster and easier than ever before. A simplified, dynamic and automated workflow allows you to consistently collect the data you want in the format you need with a few clicks of a button – meaning you and your personnel can continue to focus on what’s important. This will give you the ability to reduce potential errors along the way.

But despite our digital world, there is still an abundance of paper in many companies’ daily workflow. What might be just headaches now could lead to major process issues down the road. Some companies still send someone out to the field to record on paper what needs to be done. Typically, those papers are then driven to a crew that executes the work and records what they did on paper. Then, another individual collects all of the timesheets and work reports – which, let’s be honest, often contain errors – and overnights them to their administrative office, or waits for them to trickle in at the end of the week. All that data is then manually entered into a system by someone, days or weeks later. If this sounds like your process, we can help take your workflow from scattered to streamlined.

When we build software, we look at who is going to use it and how we can make it work for them. So we analyzed how crews track their work, and we simplify it with drag and drop icons, drop-down menus, and easy-to-fill-out forms. Powerful filtering tools allow users to quickly narrow down what they do and don’t want to see on screen. You can create a highly detailed work order and instantly sent it to a crew in the field, without physically driving to the location. The crews can assign their time to the work orders quickly and easily. Crews can tap on a work order to log their time and the software will automatically build their timesheet. And it’s created so that the data and analytics are in one place so that you don’t have to waste time with mind-numbing spreadsheets and data entry. Key information is synced easily, and your data is at your fingertips.

Even if you have adopted a more digital and automated workflow, we can help streamline your processes even more and consolidate all your data that is currently scattered on several different systems.