Work Planning

Take out the guess work.

We know that the real return comes when your work is well-planned. Work planning gives you the ability to systematically reduce your work load over time, improves safety and reliability, and provides you with leading indicators on crew productivity. So take out the guess work. You can plan work and collect data more efficiently with higher accuracy than ever before when you have software that’s built specifically for that purpose. And you can have complete control over the work that’s being performed.

At Terra Spectrum Technologies, we look at work planning differently. We know the people using our software aren’t going to have a GIS degree. And if the crew in the field can’t use it, the entire process will break down. So we eliminated that issue by keeping things simple and making the software work for the end user, ensuring your data is accurate and error free. After a quick training session, we can have you up and running in as little as a day or two.

With a user-friendly planning interface, you can reduce lag time between your field and office teams and enhance the speed and accuracy through customized workflows. Simplicity is key and that’s where drag and drop icons, drop-down menus, and easy-to-fill-out forms come into play. Powerful filtering tools allow users to quickly narrow down what they do and don’t want to see on the screen.

We know you want to better manage your time, budget and data with real-time updates from the field. Easy integration into your current processes will help you get back to work. After all, we want to help you do your job – not get in the way of it.