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Integration. Communication. Collaboration.

Data from PlannerVM and RealTimeVM, as well as LiDAR data for vegetation management, is synced with our secure server. The data is made available on a web-based customer portal, InsightVM, which provides snapshots, maps, real-time crew locations, reports, cost estimates and hourly crew cost without having to download and externally analyze data. InsightVM gives you the power to make informed decisions on the go when there’s no time to waste.

Features + Benefits

User-friendly. Powerful analytics.


  • Web portal
  • Customizable
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and easy crew management
  • Coordinate operations from the field
  • Make changes with a click of a button
  • Allows comprehensive control at management level from central location

Powerful Analytics

  • Captures all information in a snapshot
  • Interactive viewing of crew locations, work orders
  • Optimize field apps to provide targeted analytics and statistics
  • Wireless data management
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Powerful filtering lets you control what you want to see with only a few clicks.

Data points can be displayed over both street maps and satellite maps.

Icons can be configured to represent items on the map, giving the software a customized feel.

Dynamic dashboards can be created to display pertinent information.

Featured Services

It’s what’s behind that software that truly matters.

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Big data is here. Do you need a mobile workforce solution that can increase your productivity and efficiency? Imagine streaming your data between the office and field while generating meaningful insights that will lead to more informed decision making. We can help make that happen by putting interactive maps, dynamic dashboards, and real-time reports in your hands, giving you full control throughout the process.

Auto Workflow

Automated Workflows

Take your workflow from scattered to streamlined. We help you deliver more data faster and easier than ever before. Automated workflows allow you to consistently collect the data you want in the format you need.



How do you know that your operations are performing at the level you demand? You need quality assurance and quality control over your business, staff, and ultimately, your results. We can help measure your results based on your target metrics and protocols.

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