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Data collection. Inventory. Work planning.

With easy touch navigation and detailed data collection, PlannerVM is an iOS based work planning application that allows even novice users to collect field information efficiently and generate work orders instantly. PlannerVM allows the non-GIS user to build a complete picture of the vegetation, property and work within their system without needing to know any GIS related terminology or operations. As data is recorded in the field, an inventory is being built with all vegetation, properties, photos, and stakeholders so it can be logged, tracked, and referenced in future work planning. PlannerVM is the easiest data collection app to use on the market.


Features + Benefits

Easy data collection. Seamless syncing. Up-to-date mapping.

Easy Data Collection

  • Efficient, paperless workflow among work planners, crews, and utility foresters/management
  • Identifies, catalogues and prioritizes vegetation, property, and work assessments
  • Captures digital signatures
  • Simplified user interface
  • Highly configurable work orders
  • All forms are completely configurable through the VMSuite App
  • Effortless tree inventories and vegetation assessments
  • More detail in less time from work planners
  • Collect all field data with a click of a button
  • Built and optimized for notice users

Seamless Sync

  • Wireless synchronization between field units and a secure central server
  • All tasks except synchronization are possible without internet connection

Up-to-date Mapping

  • Complete base maps of your service territory are included
  • Mapping is provided by ESRI’s ArcGIS iOS SDK
  • Satellite imagery can be installed locally on field units
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Information can be pulled from your GIS files and dropped right into a form without the user having to hand enter the information.

Captures multiple photos per records.

Creating work orders has never been easier.

Electronically captures customer signatures.

Featured Services

It’s what’s behind the software that truly matters.

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Work Planning

We know that the real return comes when your work is well-planned. We help you improve your work planning with higher efficiency and accuracy than ever before. With a user-friendly planning interface, you can reduce lag time between your field and office teams and enhance the speed and accuracy through customized workflows.

Auto Workflow

Automated Workflows

Take your workflow from scattered to streamlined. We help you deliver more data faster and easier than ever before. Automated workflows allow you to consistently collect the data you want in the format you need.

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