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Track. Manage. Report.

RealTimeVM is an iOS based time management app that can be used on its own or in sync within VMSuite. As part of the application package, users can assign time to work orders originated in PlannerVM, cost and productivity can be tracked in near real-time, and crew time sheets are built automatically. Crew time sheets and completed work orders are wirelessly synched and instantly available for approval and audit.

Make tracking time, managing time, and reporting easier and more efficient than ever before.

Features + Benefits

Time tracking. Time management. Timely reporting.

Time Tracking

  • Easily track hours, time off, expenses
  • Simple interface for novice users
  • Fast and easy field work management
  • Simplified user interface
  • Paperless workflows and digital work orders

Time Management

  • GPS-enabled time, attendance and scheduling
  • Location tracking
  • Easily plan, approve and budget employee time
  • Enhanced project management capacities
  • Understand employee availability

Timely Reporting

  • Data at your fingertips
  • Gain insights to your toughest questions
  • Informed decision making
  • Real-time insights
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If you have multiple items stacked on top of each other, simply turn the page to view what’s underneath.

Time entries are recorded for work items simply by clicking on them and filling out the time entry form.

Time entries forms can be built and configured through the VMSuite website to collect the data important to you

Timesheets are automatically generated by RealTimeVM based on the information entered throughout the week.

Featured Services

It’s what’s behind that software that truly matters.

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Mobile Timesheets

Tired of paper? Go digital with real-time sync capabilities over Wi-Fi or cellular network. Track and manage your field personnel, expenses and budget – anytime, anywhere. No more paper. No more errors. No more headaches.

Auto Workflow

Automated Workflows

Take your workflow from scattered to streamlined. We help you deliver more data faster and easier than ever before. Automated workflows allow you to consistently collect the data you want in the format you need.

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Big data is here. Do you need a mobile workforce solution that can increase your productivity and efficiency? Imagine streaming your data between the office and field while generating meaningful insights that will lead to more informed decision making. We can help make that happen by putting interactive maps, dynamic dashboards, and real-time reports in your hands, giving you full control throughout the process.

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